About BUIC

The British Universities Iraq Consortium (BUIC) represents a group of British universities working to support Higher Education in Iraq.  The consortium works in partnership with the Higher Committee for Education Development Iraq and the British Council. One of our main objectives is to facilitate mobility of students and staff from Iraq to the UK to undertake research and build links with Britain.

Iraqi universities and students will know that, through BUIC, they will have access to some of the UK's leading universities, all of whom are familiar with the Iraqi education system, and sympathetic to its needs and history.

We believe that the most effective way of helping our colleagues in Iraq is to adopt a co-ordinated approach, sharing information, needs and solutions to problems identified.

BUIC is ideally suited to act as a 'one stop shop' for Iraqi ministries, universities and students.

BUIC currently has 44 members and is managed by a Director and an Executive Board drawn from the membership and partners.   It is a network which supports its members and partners and adopts a pro-active approach to sharing information, identifying needs and solutions to problems.