English Language support

Undertaking any course of study in Britain requires a high level of English language skills. More and more students are expected to make presentations and work in groups as well as writing up a thesis. University departments have students from all over the world and English is the operational language. In order to function effectively in this environment, students need to be fully confident that they can communicate effectively and fully understand what is required from them.

Working on your English language skills before you come to the UK is a key part of winning a place at your chosen university.

Entry qualifications

The required level of English for courses varies with subjects and is set by the departments responsible for admission. This information can be found on each of the university websites. If you do not have the required level when you apply you can take courses in Britain to reach the required standard. Many universities have their own language centres and will advise on the type and length of course required.

Secure English Language Testing

British universities require that you have taken an approved language test. The website which explains this is: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/guidance-on-applying-for-uk-visa-approved-english-language-tests

Please note that if you have taken a TOEFL qualification recently (since April 2014) you must get in touch with the university for guidance on whether this is acceptable.

Individual and online study

Many organizations provide online support for learning English and practice examinations and their websites are listed in the PDF available from the above website.